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Use Night Repair Serum Intensify to Your Skin’s Strength

Night Serum Online

Using beauty products for your skin can bring a lot of questions in mind. Especially about the use and results a particular product has on the skin. Before you add something into your daily bag of skin care products, you should have the answers to all the questions that run through your mind.

Serums are Moisturizers?

No! Serums are not moisturizers. Serums have turbo-charged anti-ageing ingredients that intend to penetrate your skin in a way moisturizers are not capable of. You should have higher expectations from your night serum than your moisturizer.

How is a Night Serum Different from Moisturizer?

Serums come a bag of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Speeding cell turnover
  • Increasing firmness
  • Correcting discoloration
  • Boosting brightness
  • Hence, best night serums are worth the investment. The best results are seen only when you use the best night repair serum correctly.

    The texture of a serum is lighter than that of a moisturizer.

    Are there Types of Serums?

    There are serums with different properties and the best decision to pick one would be according to the skin type. The different types of night serum include anti-aging night serum, hydrating serum and brightening serum.

    How to Use?

  • Step 1: Cleanse Properly
  • The best night serums have active ingredients that can stick to dead skin or dirt. For proper absorption, make sure that you wash your face using tepid water.

  • Step 2: Use it On Damp Skin
  • For proper absorption, apply the serum to damp or mist skin after cleansing. Press it into the skin with open palms instead of finger tips. This helps in quick release of active ingredients.

  • Step 3: Just Use a Few Drops
  • A good night serum will be concentrated properly. So a few drops would work for you.

  • Step 4: Moisturize
  • To further intensify the strength of your skin, leave the serum for five minutes and then moisturize.

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