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Muslin Cloth; Discover the Benefits for Your Skin Care Regime

Skin care can and should never be compromised. It is an essential part of personal hygiene. The daily dust, pollution as well use of make-up accumulates over the surface of the skin and lead to a number of skin problems like acne, clogged pores, blackheads and dull complexion. Regardless of the skin type, these are problems with each one faces and it is important to have a cleansing routine.

Muslin Cloths are a must have in your daily skin care regime.

What are Muslin Cloths?

Muslin cloths are made particularly from organic cotton fabric of plain weave with a number of weights. Muslin cloth is perfect for cleaning of the face. They remove make-up gently and exfoliates skin, making the cleansing process more effective and quick. Everyday use of Muslin cloths will leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Buying a Muslin cloth brings you a number of benefits. Benefits of Using Muslin Cloth for Face

The skin on the face is delicate and sensitive. Hence, being vigorous can damage the barrier of the skin. The skin barriers is a layer of proteins that helps the skin to maintain proper moisture and protects it from impurities. Effect on this skin barrier can cause premature ageing and risk of breakouts.

You can use a muslin square cloth in a number of ways for treating your skin right. Some of the major uses include:

  • For Everyday Gentle Exfoliation
  • Muslin cloth helps in lifting dead skin cells and impurities that settle down due to impurities and pollution.

Face Steamer

To act as a steamer, you need to soak a muslin square in warm water and then wring out. Next, for a minute or two lay the square over your face.

For added benefits, add a face mask after this step. You will have a complete facial spa experience at home


Remove In-Grown Hair

Yes, you read it right! The areas that are exfoliating are prone to ingrown hairs. Using a muslin cloth prevents the same.

Where to Buy a Muslin Cloth?

A muslin cloth can be bought at a store or at the convenience of your door step. Find good quality muslin cloths online at our web store.