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  1. Skintruth Equalising Skincare Regimen
    Skintruth Equalising Skincare Regimen
    Special Price Rs. 3,500.00 Regular Price Rs. 4,200.00
    17% OFF
  2. Skintruth Soothing Skincare Regimen
    Skintruth Soothing Skincare Regimen
    Special Price Rs. 4,300.00 Regular Price Rs. 5,100.00
    16% OFF
  3. Ren Rose O12 Moisturising Defense Oil
    Ren Rose O12 Moisturising Defense Oil
    Special Price Rs. 5,100.00 Regular Price Rs. 5,300.00
    4% OFF
  4. Me! Bath Rejuvenating Body Lotion
    Me! Bath Rejuvenating Body Lotion
    Rs. 2,999.00
    5 more fragrances available

Items 1-30 of 162

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How to choose the best body lotion for your skin?

Best Moisturizer Lotion

Our skin is the biggest and most uncovered organ in the body, therefore it requires extra care. On daily basis, we need elements to protect as well as insulate it from inside so that it can look great from outside. Most of the people pay attention towards their face and neck but pays less attention to body skin.

There are few areas such as lower legs, thighs, sides and arms which are more prone to dryness and require best lotion for body.

Uncomfortable, dry skin is more common in the winter when mugginess is lower in the air; however it's imperative to foam on the moisture lotion on daily basis. You can also buy to the best lotion for winter available at Aplava at affordable prices.

Dry skin can be tricky as it gets scratchy, irritated and peels. Those who have faced the issue can understand easily that how important it is to use best body moisturiser for dry skin during this season. One should never forget to use it to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. You can buy best moisturizer for body online and can also look for the body lotion for sensitive skin in case your skin is sensitive.

Before you buy the best moisturising lotion for your daily requirement, you need to check the ingredients it has and then decide which one is the best suited one for your skin. The lower on the fixing list, the less of it there is and the less viable it will be. Consider aloe Vera, for example. Numerous individuals perceive its calming properties, however most beauty care products don't contain enough of it to make a considerable difference. People who have sensitive skin need to more careful while selecting lotions for them; they need to buy the best body lotion for sensitive skin.