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Accentuate your lips via lip serum

Best Lip Serum Online

Lips have been endowed with the softest skin that often gets neglected while we bombard ourselves with skin care routine, focusing mainly onto skin, eyes, etc. Be it the cool dry breezy weather or the humid summer weather, the effects are equally visible onto the lips. Though cracked lips are common in winters, summer too dehydrate the lips as we sit longer under the air conditioner. Although there are various lip balms available, but they aren’t too enriching and often their moisture gets vanished from the lips after a certain period of time. A lip serum has concentrated formulation which moisturized the lip’s dermis and seeps deep into fine lines which are often highlighted when a matte lipstick is used.< /p>

Lip balms or moisturizers only temporarily provide hydration while lip serums works as a treatment that is kept overnight for supple, soft and kissable lips. Lip serums due to its high moisture content, slight plumps up the lips, making them fluffy. One of the greatest tips for lip care is adequate exfoliation and abundant hydration. The best lip serum is Bottega Di Lungavita Age In Eye Lip Moisturizing Serum. It works efficiently providing instant lifting, rejuvenation as well as firming up of the lips. It has a light texture which potentially goes deep within the dermis. It improves the hydration level of the sensitive and delicate skin.

The best lip plumping serum is Dr. Lipp Lip Care. It was initially launched for newly mothers intending to work for breast feeding mothers. Due to its intensive hydrating content, it was re-launched as a means of providing suppleness to the lips. It makes the skin soft and plump; with slight gloss sheen. It has healing and hydrating capabilities which is also suitable for dry cuticles, feet, etc. It is created from 100% medical Lanolin. It is devoid of perfume, colour or fragrance; making it suitable even for extremely sensitive skin type people. It has been proved that this lip care product can curb roughness to the extent of 40% within a single usage. It quickly heals up the lips and locks in its natural moisture content.

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