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  1. Votre- Whitening & Glowing Facial Kit
    Votre- Whitening & Glowing Facial Kit
    Special Price Rs. 2,239.00 Regular Price Rs. 2,260.00
    1% OFF
  2. Votre- Reversing Time Anti Aging Home Facial Kit
    Votre- Reversing Time Anti Aging Home Facial Kit
    Special Price Rs. 1,876.00 Regular Price Rs. 2,532.00
    26% OFF
  3. Vedaearth Saffron & Lotus Under Eye Oil
    Vedaearth Saffron & Lotus Under Eye Oil
    Special Price Rs. 350.00 Regular Price Rs. 370.00
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Items 1-30 of 36

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Quench the thirst of under eye skin with hydrating creams

Hydrating Under Eye Creams

The skin beneath and around our eyes is comparatively thin and delicate. This is why; while the rest of the facial skin reflects lack of proper skin care after a certain period of time, the under eye area is spontaneous in depicting the junk diet or sleep deprivation. Have you ever noticed your eyes getting puffy due to extra laborious task on computers and consumption of salty food items or alcohol? The premature ageing is not only the result of fault within our genes, but also due to lack of adequate hydration. This itself remains the reason why dermatologists are never tired of emphasizing enough on having a good amount of water content each day. While we invest on multiple body or facial moisturizers, we ignore the fact that under eye hydration too is essentially and equally important. Hydrating under eye creams provide ample amount of moisture so as to keep the fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness at bay.

An early emergence of crow’s feet or sagging of the under eyes begins mostly due to lack of moisture within the skin. The skin if left without hydration turns dull, flaky and aged. This happens with the fragile under eye area as well. Also, while application of any under eye creams, it is advisable to use the ring finger as it is not capable of exerting much pressure. Eating foods that naturally contain water such as watermelons, cucumbers, etc too greatly help. Budget friendly options among the under eye hydrating cream being: Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Eye Roll on and Votre Under Eye cream. The former along with hydration imparts whitening effect so as to lighten the under eye area. It provides a cooling sensation and makes the skin radiant within an interval of 14 days. It works well for all skin types and comes in a convenient roll on packaging. Votre Under Eye Cream is infused with botanical extracts and herbs that promote relaxation of the of the tired eye muscles. It improves the skin’s texture with regular use.

The best hydrating eye cream is without doubt Temple Spa’s Window of the Soul Eye Treatment. It helps in moisturization and soothing up the delicate under eye area. It is a lightweight cream that seeps easily into the skin to provide cooling sensation and reduction of puffiness. It is a formula which is amid a cream and gel. Another great hydrating eye cream is Thalgo’s Ultimate Time Solution. It is a 2 in 1 product that can not only be used for eyes but also for the lips; as these two skin areas are comparatively thin and intricate. It is devoid of any fragrance and helps in making the eyes look brighter; so that the eyes can do the talking.

The most hydrating eye cream is Natural Bath’s Bio Activ Advanced Under Eye Treatment. It reverses the sun’s harmful damage on the dermis and harshness that the skin suffered due to daily travelling. It contains a blend of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid which sustains the skin’s firmness, brightness and bounce.