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  1. Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer
    Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer
    Rs. 1,875.00
  2. Zuii Organic Certified Primer
    Zuii Organic Certified Primer
    Special Price Rs. 1,540.00 Regular Price Rs. 1,750.00
  3. Zuii Organic Certified Primer Foundation
    Zuii Organic Certified Primer Foundation
    Special Price Rs. 1,540.00 Regular Price Rs. 1,750.00
  4. Natio Pure Mineral Face Primer
    Natio Pure Mineral Face Primer
    Special Price Rs. 990.00 Regular Price Rs. 1,100.00

10 Items

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Makeup primer is your foundation’s best friend. It’s a base for foundation and makeup that allows it to last longer and give a smoother, finished look. Makeup primers are usually overlooked and seem like an unnecessary investment but these products can definitely change the way your makeup looks forever – in the best way possible.

Primers are a gel-based cream that gives your foundation something to hold on to. They work as a moisturizer, keeping your face soft and supple and they act like an anchor that keeps everything on your face standing. What’s more, primers make your makeup pop.


The beauty of a makeup primer is that it is suitable for all skin types – even oily ones prone to acne. Primers soothe the skin and give it a velvety soft finish like the DERMALOGICA Skin Perfect Primer SPF30. Enriched with Soy Protein and combined withVelvety silicones, this primer is perfect for restoring the natural face tint, firmness and inhibits collagen damage to give you that movie-perfect skin you’ve longed for. If your skin is prone to breakouts and enlarged pores, then a primer with a light-weight formula likeL’Oréal Paris BASE MAGIQUE PRIMER is perfect for you. It gives a non-greasy finish, smoothens out all your fine lines and the best part – acts like a blanket for your pores and gives your skin an air-brushed finish.

Primers should definitely become a part of your makeup routine. You won’t realize what your skin is missing out on once you’ve used a primer to establish the base of your face. The effects are dramatic. There are different primers you can use to colour correct the blemishes on your face. Primers prevent your makeup from caking up thus saving you from patchy, embarrassing makeup situations. Buy makeup products & make your stand out and last long by checking out our wide range of makeup primers online.