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Why Hair Serums are an Important Part of Hair Care?

A silicon based product that coats the surface of the hair, but it’s not a hair oil is a hair serum. Hence, it does not penetrate the hair cuticles or change the hair structure. It is used to prevent hair from getting tangled giving it shine and softness. A good hair serum effectively protects your hair from sun exposure and pollutants like grime and dust. There a number of hair serums available today and when you know the right one, to maximize the benefits you should know how to apply it perfectly.

How Should Use a Hair Serum?

One of the most important use of hair serum is that it makes the hair look healthier, shinier and helps in managing hair causing less tangles. A serum reflects light that makes the hair look healthier and shiner keeping it protected from humidity, dust, chemicals used and sun exposure. Mostly, a hair serum is used as a preventive measure against damaged and dry hair. It is better to use hair serums regularly to prevent damaging of hair. It is important that you find the on that suits your hair type. It might require you to test one or more brands before you know which one suits you the best.

How to Find the Perfect Hair Serum?

The step one towards this preventive measure is to find the best hair serum. Every brand might use different components in the hair serum that result in suiting a particular hair type.

Wash Your Hair Thoroughly Before Application

It is rule, hair serum should only be applied to shampooed hair. Understand, a hair serum is a nourishment for your hair with the benefits of styling and disentangle as well. Applying hair serum on unwashed hair would fail the primary purpose of protecting your hair from grim and dust.

The Application

Depending on how long and dense are your hair, take two to six drops of hair serum in your hand and mix it well by rubbing it properly on both palms. On your damped hair falling forward, start applying serum on the hair falling on your face going in the upward direction from the tips of the hair. Flipping the hair back, again take two to six drops and repeat the application on the scalp. Once done, add a few more drops and apply the serum all over your hair.

What Next?

Once you have applied the serum thoroughly over your hair, brush your hair downwards. This helps in detangling your hair completely. Once done, blow dry your hair to completely dry to avoid stickiness on your hair and scalp. Buy a good branded serum even if you have to fetch a little more from your pocket. You can visit the exquisite range of hair serums online and buy the best hair serum in India at our webstore.