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Do you even need a hair spray?

Do I even need a hair spray? Is oil or serum not enough? Wouldn’t it damage my hair? These are just a few questions that crosses our mind whenever we come across a hair spray advertisement. Well the sole answer to all these questions are – YES! Irrespective of how long or how medium or how pixie like your hair are, you need a good hairspray.

It is not just the length; there is a hair spray for curly hair, one on straight hair, and another for hair that is wavy – a blend of both curly and straight. So from length, hair structure, and even hair type – there is a hair spray for dry hair, for oily hair and even one for the normal hair condition - there is a hair spray for every women and men on this planet.

While generally men use hair gel in place of spray, there are a number of hair sprays for women in the market. With the various types of hair sprays that are available online sorted, let us now discuss why we even need hair spray in the first place, if we do.


Why can’t you operate without hair spray?

One of the most common uses of hair spray is to hold that special hairstyle of yours for hours on end. Along with that, here are some other common uses of hairspray

  • For adding volume
  • To tame unruly hair strands
  • To remove oily look from your hair
    • So along with that extra control over your mane, to keep it in place all day long all in addition to the freedom to carry a different look every other day, hair spray is your savior. While there are a number of hair sprays in India, all differentiated from the features it offers, the one thing that makes any brand the best hair spray is how good it holds and supplements the hair all in one can.

      How is hair spray different from Hair Cream, Mousse, and Hair Gel?

      What makes hair spray different from other hair settling products in the market is that its water free and moisture resistant. Along with that, hair spray does not leave the hairstyle with an artificial or shiny look; the result is much more natural looking.