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Why oiling is not enough for your hair nourishment

Your hair does so much for you – from protecting yourself from the harsh sun to making you look pretty and presentable and in return, you do so much for them. You oil them, you wash them, and you comb them to keep split ends and tangles at bay and do many many more things. But is it enough? Is it enough to oil them and wash them regularly and comb them every day? Being a body part that holds the power to change your look drastically, your hair needs a something extra.

Hair is one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies anything and everything can affect their growth and texture. Sun, smoke, food, water, and even the climate tend to affect your hair to a great extent and when everything seems to break and damage your hair, you need something extra to protect and nourish them. That something extra is Hair Mask.

Hair Mask has been gaining a prominence in hair treatment procedures since a long time now. And the sole reason behind this is the power to change the look and feel and texture of hair overnight. The formula used in making hair masks is strong enough to repair all problems related to your mane.

If you are wondering what all types of hair masks are available in the market, keep reading...

There a number of hair mask variant available in a retail and online store, here are the most common ones:

According to Texture

  • Hair Mask for Dry Hair
  • Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair
  • Hair Mask for Oily Hair

According to Problem

  • Hair Mask for Hair Fall
  • Hair Mask for Hair Growth
  • Hair Mask for Dandruff
  • Hair Mask for Hair Thickening

While this will give you a rough idea of the various types of hair masks available online, what makes one the best hair mask is how well and fast it solves your problem leaving your hair nourished and healthy.

How to apply Hair Mask

Spread the mask evenly through your hair. Massage in from roots to tips and then comb through your hair with a comb. Then cover your hair with a hot towel for a minimum of 10 minutes for it to absorb the mask completely. Leave the product for at least 20 minutes, and then wash off with cold water while rinsing your hair gently.