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What Can Businesses Expect from Laser Cutting Tools

Laser Cutting Tools

From the forge of the blacksmith to the centre of an industrial-grade laser cutting tool, the methods with which humans have worked steel have changed dramatically through the ages. Laser-cutting technology revolutionized the fabrication and manufacturing sectors. It also provided the means to create products and provide services that were once impossible or impractical.

According to Ryan from Worksop based laser cutting company TheGreenGateGroup said “Laser-cutting services are readily available and accessible in most parts of the UK, allowing businesses and individuals to leverage the many advantages and benefits that come with them.” What benefits can businesses and consumers expect when working with laser-cutting tools and equipment?

  • Accuracy

Laser-cutting tools have made what was once an extremely tedious and difficult task (creating parts and items out of steel and metal with accuracy) a simple and repeatable process. Most laser cutting tools have a +/- 0.1 mm range of precision, which means that no extra treatments or processes need to be applied to the parts once the cutting is finished.

  • Automation

Laser cutting is a digitally controlled process and is guided by programs as opposed to human hands, making the entire procedure well-suited to automation. As AI and machine learning continue to make an impact on the manufacturing industry, more and more of these processes will be automated, leading to cost reductions and improvements in efficiency.

  • Speed

Laser cutting services are incredibly quick, providing high-quality products that are completed far faster than if you were to use non-laser cutting methods (if other options are available). For thicker materials, lasers may not provide the fastest cutting available but can still work at a rapid pace.

  • Contactless Cutting

One of the problems with non-laser cutting processes is that there is mechanical tension and friction on the machine parts, resulting in wear and replacement costs. Laser cutting has the distinct advantage of being able to produce contactless cutting, meaning that only the laser comes in contact with the material.

  • Complex Cutting Capabilities

As the complexity of the cuts increases, the more likely it is that you will want to use laser cutting tools. They are uniquely equipped, due to their versatility, to work on projects that require complex cuts, even working on materials that range in thickness.

  • Quality

The accuracy of laser cutting tools provides quality cuts, time and time again. For a product to be worth its price, it needs to be reliably accurate, consistent, and precise. Laser-cutting tools provide this level of quality for the consumer.

Types of Services that Laser Cutting Tools Can Provide

  • Laser Cutting and Engraving
  • Creating Customized Laser Products
  • Wedding Gifts (Laser Cut Coasters, Wedding Invitations, Custom Designs, Etc.)
  • Glass Etching
  • Laser Cut Clocks
  • Laser Etching
  • Industrial Fabrication
  • Tool Manufacturing

The Future of Cutting

There is no limit to the potential of laser-cutting tools and services. They can be relied on for accurate, consistent, and speedy work and are capable of doing complex projects with little maintenance. This leads to better prices, better products and better services, which benefits everyone in the marketplace.