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What Are Air Tools Good For?

Working in the construction field gives you a particular insight into the viability and effectiveness of construction methods that cannot be discovered any other way. When it comes to power and versatility, pneumatic (air-powered) tools provide certain benefits that can be extremely useful to workers on the site or in the shop.

What Kind of Situations Would Air Powered Tools Be the Best Choice?

  • High Power to Weight Ratio

According to Shaun from Principal Power Tools “Air tools offer a power-to-weight ratio that is unrivalled in the construction world. Compressed air can be leveraged to create extremely powerful tools and since they are not tied to a battery pack, they can be constructed of lightweight materials such as aluminium, giving them a combination of low weight and high power that makes them perfect for most jobs on a site.

  • No Risk of Electric Shock

Electric shock can be a serious threat on the work site and by using compressed air for power, pneumatic tools are far safer than their electric counterparts. Construction sites can often be damp and even when the conditions are dry, there is still the risk of electric shock due to damaged equipment or electrical overload. If you need high-powered tools but need to be sure there is no danger of electrical shock, compressed air power is the right option for you.

  • Long Duration Work

Long-duration work means that the workers will be using the tools for hours at a time and will be putting them through tremendous amounts of strain. In this instance, electric tools create a disadvantage because they are heavier and take more effort to keep running. If it runs on rechargeable batteries, you need to carry enough to finish the job and if your power source uses an electrical cord, you need to make sure that it is not in danger of being cut or run over. Air hoses are lighter, less cumbersome to use and in the case of an accident, does not carry the risk of electrocution.

Air Tools Good

  • High-Stress or Impact Work

High-impact work (like the job of an impact wrench) is hard on tools and pneumatic tools are well-known and well-liked because of how easy it is to service them. Parts for these types of high-powered tools are abundant and they are relatively easy to work on. Electric-powered tools are not as simple to work with because they are not only mechanical machines and require speciality servicing if there are any major issues.

  • Extreme Work Environments

Extreme temperatures and work conditions can make using tools almost impossible but if you must work in extreme conditions, you are going to want to be using air-powered tools. Heat and cold have a disproportionate effect on batteries and electric motors and obviously, water becomes a factor when using electric tools.

  • Versatility

One of the best parts about using air-powered tools is that you can use only one air compressor but have every type of tool imaginable on the other end. Pneumatic tools need only one connection to an air source, and they can provide high-quality, reliable power hour after hour and day after day.

Air Tools: What are they Good For?

As you can see, stating the advantages and disadvantages of using air-powered tools over electric tools makes a strong case that in many situations, pneumatic tools are preferable to electric ones. While they may not always be the preferred choice, pneumatic tools provide workers with all the benefits of electric tools with very few downsides.