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Tradeview Review and Alternative of Brokers for Beginners

Tradeview Review

Brokers and trading companies become essential parts of trading. These companies provide services for the traders so they can get connected to the market, so they are able to gain access to buy and sell the instruments in trading. Currently, there are many brokerage and trading companies. Tradeview is one of them. Those who do not know about the company surely should look for information about it. Tradeview review can become useful insights in case traders look for the broker or trading company to facilitate them in trading.

Reviews about Tradeview

Tradeview is trading company headquartered in Cayman Island. The company started its operation in 2004 and it still works until now. It is legal company and its license is issued by the Cayman Islands Financial Regulator and Malta Financial Service Authority. The company is popular with its options of trading instrument. There are around 100 instruments that can be chosen in its platform. It also has five trading terminals that may help the traders to choose the most suitable one.

As for its minimum deposit, it is set in $100. This may not be too high, but it still makes the novice traders look for other alternatives since there are also brokers and companies that offer lower deposit. In addition, it is less popular among the novices since it has limited access of training where it may not be suitable for the beginners who still need to learn. Moreover, it uses withdrawal fees. That is why these aspects should be considered when traders want to use the services from Tradeview.

 Other Options of Investment Brokers

As what is mentioned above, Tradeview may not become good options for the beginners or novice traders. Its minimum deposit and limited training in its platform become the reasons. In this case, the novices may look for other alternatives to find the suitable brokers or company to assist them in trading.

There are other options. These brokers have good rating based on the reviews and these provide good features and services for the beginners. One of them is the RoboForex. It comes with good limit of minimum deposit where traders can start trading with $10. There is also Instaforex that even offers lower rate of minimum deposit with only $1. Investment brokers surely have different offers and features. That is why brokers should look for the reviews before making decision.