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  1. Nivea For Men Deodorant
    Nivea For Men Deodorant
    Special Price Rs. 178.00 Regular Price Rs. 199.00
    3 more fragrances available
    11% OFF
  2. Adidas Deodorant
    Adidas Deodorant
    Rs. 199.00
    5 more fragrances available
  3. Set Wet Deodorant
    Set Wet Deodorant
    Rs. 199.00
    5 more fragrances available
  4. Integriti Deodorant for Men,-120 ml
    Integriti Deodorant for Men,-120 ml
    Rs. 229.00
    4 more fragrances available
  5. Nivea For Men Deodorant - Cool Kick (150 ml)
    Nivea For Men Deodorant - Cool Kick (150 ml)
    Special Price Rs. 178.00 Regular Price Rs. 210.00
    15% OFF

Items 1-30 of 47

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Don’t let body odour overshadow your potential!

Men’s Deodorant Online

Perspiration is a natural phenomena through which the body tries to maintain its temperature. Although sweating is considered good for cleansing of the skin pores, but the problem begins immediately soon when the bacteria decides to make it his playground. Once the bacteria breed onto the sweat, they churn it into body odour. A deodorant helps in creating a protective shield which works as barrier for the bacteria. Deodorants are usually of two types; one is the deodorant spray while another being a roll on one. A men’s deodorant is intentionally made keeping in mind that a male body sweats comparatively more than the females. Recently, the beauty products and personal care sector realized their continuous ignorance for several decades of the special attention that the males deserved. This is why; almost all brands started launching products which catered to men’s grooming and skin care needs. Deodorant for men is provided with fragrance which is strong and not feminine. Smelling good is always a plus point if you need to caste a mesmerizing first impression. It also is quite often associated with hygiene.

The best deodorant for men who like using roll on would love the Nation Antiperspirant Roll on. It not only fights body odour, but also curbs the sweating. It is suitable for all skin types. The longevity of it is commendable and it has 100% pure essential oils. If you feel that the environment has taken its toll on you, then save yourself from the harmful elements of it by using Dermalogica Environmental Control Deodorant. It works well for sensitive skin as well. It is infused with Coriander, Parsley, Clove and Hyssop. Fortunately, this deodorant does not leave behind any residue and is free from artificial fragrances. Not to worry if you like spray ones, the best men deodorant for you is by the famous brand Axe from their Signature collection. These are available in four variants, namely- Suave, Rogue, Intense and Mysterious. It has hints of citrus and woody musk. They are intensely perfumed and stay almost the complete day without evaporating as the day passes on.

There is abundance of deodorant for men online, and the ideal one would be that which not only prevents body odour but has the potential of going on the whole day because with the rushing city life, nobody has the time for re- application. A best smelling deodorant for men works an extra appeal by screaming up about their persona. There are times when body odour can become the reason of embarrassment, which is why in summers, a deodorant is an essential item for both men and women. Opportunities knock once, you don’t want it to be a day wherein your grooming affects your potential. At Aplava, we are equally concerned about men’s hygiene and personal care needs. This is why, we hand pick our products and offer you a range that is capable of vanishing your concerns. So scroll down our catalogue and choose your pick; only from