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  1. Vedaearth Essential Oil
    Vedaearth Essential Oil
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    Veda Earth Bath Salt
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We are a family – Asha Dinesh, and daughters Divya and Deeksha – and we welcome you to become a part of it – our family of products, and our family that creates and uses the products we produce. Divya Dinesh and Asha Dinesh, a mother-daughter duo wanted to share their experience of how traditional remedies and Aromatherapy helped them.

Our brand came about out of a need for a quality range of skin friendly products. Suffering from skin sensitivity of a magnitude where she couldn’t use any store bought products and feared to try even those that claimed to be organic or natural for fear of further irritating her skin, Divya’s search for personal care products that didn’t irritate her skin led her to Aromatherapy. Her mother, Asha, too had for many years suffered from debilitating headaches that left her unable to lead a normal life. She found long lasting relief from Aromatherapy and alternative medicine. The person behind their inspiration and belief in the concept of Aromatherapy and alternative medicine is Dr Sarita Jain. She has also been the guide in the formulation of the VedaEarth range of oils. Dr Sarita Jain, with a doctorate in Acupuncture, has been practising since 1999. She has been an aroma and beauty therapy practitioner since 1989, and her example and therapies have been a strong influence on our founders.

Thus, with a renewed purpose and strong belief in the power of nature came about the healing, soothing, and beneficial bounty that is Aromatherapy and Ayurveda. When these two were combined using innovative and modern methodologies, from it was born our brand, VedaEarth.