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  1. Dr. Lipp Lip Care
    Dr. Lipp Lip Care
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Dr.Lipp has become a global cult beauty staple for leaving lips soft and smooth with a glossy sheen. An extremely versatile healing and nourishing balm that was originally developed as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women because of its ultra hydrating, ultra thick, hypoallergenic & counter-irritant properties.

Dr.Lipp is also as a favourite kit essential among top celebrity make-up artists, the ‘original nipple lip balm is used behind the scenes of many a photo shoot for extra long lasting glossy lips,shiny eyelids and cheek bones, for neatening eyebrows, basic skin emergencies, mixing pigments, as a primer etc.

Considered by dermatologists and scientists to be one of the safest ways to care for your skin as the Lanolin lipids (oils) are so similar to your skin’s natural oils that they easily penetrate & absorb deeply into your skin.