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  1. Top Eye Brow Trends of 2017

    Top Eye Brow Trends of 2017
    Whether you ever realize it or not, brows speaks volume of you. Eyebrows have evolved a lot over this short millennial lifetime. From barely any eyebrows trends in 90s to innumerable styles in recent years, you must have definitely tried one or two in your lifetime.
  2. What are The Top Makeup Primers and What They Do to You?

    What are The Top Makeup Primers and What They Do to You?
    Have you ever noticed foundation streaks, noticeable pores and redness around the nose after applying makeup? If yes, let us tell you that these are all makeup blunders. And the only and one simple way to avoid these makeup faux pas is to apply primer.
  3. Essential Skin Tips For Gorgeous Bridal Glow

    Essential Skin Tips For Gorgeous Bridal Glow
    For every bride, choosing a wedding dress is really a big deal. But do you know what is even bigger than that?  It’s her happy face. Wedding attire and jewelry are important but it is the radiant and happy face of the bride that makes her look stunning on her special day.
  4. Must Have Makeup Removers

    Must Have Makeup Removers
    After going out with friends or after a late night party, the very first thing we want to do is to get under our sheets and get a good sleep. However, there is one rule in the beauty world that should never be broken and i.e. removing our makeup before bed. It is totally understood that after spending so much time and efforts of putting makeup products on our face, removing them all seem like a chore. But what goes on must come off.
  5. 8 Ways To Combat Oily Skin

    If you happen to be a constant face wiper and are concerned more about glancing in the mirror than catching something more significant, I guess you are a victim of the oily skin. We all are born with a certain type of skin and having oily skin certainly makes life difficult that too when all you want is to look fabulous.

  6. On-the-Go Beauty: 6 Products You Need in Your Bag

    Being woman, all of us are conscious about the way we look and the way we feel. It’s no surprise that we step out of our homes wearing the perfect makeup and that necessary smile on our face. But as we move and gallop through the ups and downs of a tiring day, the sheen on our face starts losing its charisma.

  7. Get Rid Of Summer Hair Problems With These Tips

    Summer is the season when you can bring out the fashionista within you. You take out the cool summer dresses, smart sunglasses, and your favorite flip-flops to bask in the sun. However, along with this fashion opportunity, there come several summer woes.

  8. Best Face Washes For Every Single Skin Concern

    What do you for your face everyday?

    It may seem a stupid question because what we all wash our face with a handy face wash and apply any moisturizer available with us. We don’t think anything over it. However, Do you know that overlooking or ignoring your facial hygiene can cause some serious damage to your face?

  9. The Best Beauty Buys On A College Going Gal

    College life is fun and adventurous. The merrymaking and the joy becomes even more when you look confident embracing the right makeup and costume. To stay well groomed all the way through your college days, these beauty essentials promise great results and also come under the strict college life budgets your pockets might not feel.

  10. Aging Skin: Know Which Products Work For You

    Who wants to age?

    Well, no one I guess!

    However, one should understand that aging is a natural process that begins from the day we are born. Right from the birth, there is genetically programmed chronologic aging that brings biochemical changes in collagen and elastin in the skin


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