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Lip Balm Online

Best Lip Balm With SPF

Keep lips soft and moist with Aplava’s wide range of lip balms

The skin on your lips is persistently being wet via your tongue, food and water and also dried by every breath that you take. As a result the lips are exposed continuously to the different drying and wetting cycles. Most importantly, there are no oil glands in the lips that can replace the moisture, hence they dry out as well as crack easily. Nobody likes chapped lips so the best way to prevent chapped lips and keeping lips moist is by using the best lip balm. We at Aplava offer a wide range of lip balm online and our lip balm range includes baby lips lip balm, lip balm with SPF and best lip balm for dark lips. No matter which balm you choose, it is skin friendly and will help to add or replace the skin’s moisture retaining barrier. It works in the same manner like that of a lip gloss with the only difference being that the balm is used for a treatment while the gloss is used for cosmetic purpose.

Benefits galore

By using our best quality lip balms you can enjoy the following benefits, •

  • Heals faster- the skin on the lip is thinner compared to the facial skin. Hence, if you have chapped and dry lips, our balms can heal your lips faster and keep it well hydrated
  • Say goodbye to chapped lips- if you have experienced cracked, chapped and peeling lips it can turn quite embarrassing. It is here where wearing balms on the lip can help
  • Enjoy smooth and supple lips- dry and thin lips can turn moisturized and plump with a touch of a balm. Today there are different types of lip gloss available which claim in plumping the lips yet when it comes to moisturizing there cannot be anything better than a balm to maintain a supple and youthful look
  • Has SPF protection- These days most balms contain SPF properties which will protect the lips against the sun’s harmful rays

Always remember that a lipstick or a gloss will look far better when it is applied on a moisturized lip.

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