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We all have those days when our reflection, as shown by the mirror, looks pretty in that beautiful black dress and a classy red pout. But in a rush to reach the event, you have skipped upon your fragrance. After some time, when you raise your hands; you realize the worth of a perfume. You curse yourself and wish you can transport yourself to the table top where you had kept you perfume. Unlike a deodorant, a perfume consists only of the fragrant liquid which potentially stays all day long if sprayed on the right areas. Deodorants are meant to be sprayed on clothes while a perfume can directly be applied onto the body. Ideally, a perfume needs to be sprayed on the wrist of your hands, back of your ear and on the neck. Also, you can spray it on your tresses and then comb them so as to distribute the fragrance. This makes your hair smell wonderful all day long.

A women’s perfume comes in a variety of fragrances like fruity, floral, citrusy, musky, etc. Usually it is the women’s perfume which has dominantly musky smell to it. A best perfume would definitely be one which does not have too strong and overpowering fruity or floral fragrance. This often conveys across a wrong impression and instead of b ecoming your signature fragrance, it ends up ruining your initial meets. Perfumes for women should be sweet but only mildly; this is because sometimes a fruity fragrance after amalgamating with sweat, turns too awfully stingy to sniff and perfumes are meant to make you smell awesome, not for keeping people away. Best perfumes for women are those which can be sprayed directly onto the skin without the fear of skin darkening. Revlon offers some great body sprays at an affordable price range. Also, you would love the mystic fragrance of ‘H2O Plus Blue Perfume’ which has subtle aroma of watery peony, rosewood, nectarine and bergamot. This would specially appeal to ladies who are not into sweet fragrances. The best pick is without any doubt the Bottega Di Lungavita Age Uomo Perfumed Water which is light and smells of oceanic, fruity, spicy and amber notes.

As the world progresses in online shopping; there are so many perfumes online to choose from which are scarcely available in India, especially due to no store or out of stock situation. Saving on time and money, you can indulge in online perfume shopping and perhaps you’d end up with a new favourite fragrance. A smart trick for keeping you fragrance long lasting is to use a small amount of Vaseline on the places where you would spray your perfume, and then use the fragrance at the same spots. This provides a jelly layer for the fragrance to stick on and fare comparatively for a longer time span. A deodorant, due to its gaseous contents, gets faded quite easily. The perfumes comprise of only fragrance and nothing else, which is why a little goes along way. So without any further adieu, surf onto the amazing fragrances from our catalogue and choose your pick only from aplava.com.

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