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Kosmida Rinforcyl Sebo - Lotion Antiloss

Kosmida Rinforcyl Sebo - Lotion Antiloss

Kosmida Rinforcyl Sebo - Lotion Antiloss


SKU - AK04008 Size - 10 Bottles (8 ml each)
Rinforcyl® Sebo lotion, with its sebum-balancing and purifying action, is useful for treating seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp.

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Rinforcyl® Sebo lotion, with its sebum-balancing and purifying action, is useful for treating seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp.

It guarantees immediate control of seborrhoea by means of its safe and rapid antiseptic and de-greasing properties without the "rebound" effect of sebaceous hypersecretion.

  • SLS Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Dermatologically Tested

Silanol Salicylate: A moderately acidifying complex that aids the incorporation of keratin in the hair, strengthening it and protecting it from the action of excess sebum.

Serenoa Repens: This has demonstrated possession of strong inhibitory properties on the entire family of human alpha-reductase, particularly the follicular variety. The enzymatic inhibition reduces the intrafollicular synthesis of dihydrotestosterone resulting in the management of the chain of androgen stimulation. The quantity and quality of sebum are returned to normal and the miniaturization of the follicle is inhibited.

Fomes Officinalis: The extracts of this fungus have astringent and sebum-regulating properties that help rid the scalp of the aggressive action of hypersecretion.

Reduced Glutathione: This is one of the most powerful cellular antioxidants which is also able to counteract both free radicals and reactive types of hydrogen and oxygen.

Plant extracts (burdock, lavender, dandelion, plantain, poppy, artichoke, rose): A mixture of plant extracts with specific purifying action. They solubilize and remove the fat deposited on the surface of scalp and hair.

How to use

Apply the lotion to the wet scalp after shampooing.

Distribute a few drops homogeneously over the surface of the head, massaging it in gently with the fingertips. Do not rinse. 

The treatment, during its active phase, should be repeated every two days.

Once the results have stabilized, apply a single phial once a week to maintain results.

About the Brand



The name Kosmida takes its inspiration from the Greek island of Kos, in the heart of the Mediterranean region, where Hippocrates was born and began working, and where he formulated the first principles of scientific medicine, which gave rise to a tradition that became part of Roman society. 

The knowledge and techniques of the tabernae mediche and the temples themselves - hospitals where genuine specialist medical and pharmacological activities were practised - were used in ancient Rome alongside the culture of spas and the treatment of the whole person as the first rule of wellbeing.

The progress achieved during the thousand years of Roman history spread throughout the known world and has continued to advance through great western societies to the present day.

The great wisdom of medieval monks and tireless Renaissance researchers, who conducted increasingly sophisticated experiments which led to discoveries that are the source of modern dermatology and latest generation disciplines such as cosmeceutical and nutraceutical science, have been revived in Kosmida today.

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